Solved>>Week 4: Discussion 1 – Plaintiff’s case

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Week 4: Discussion 1 – Plaintiff’s case

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A good lawyer or advocate always recognizes the other side’s perspective, even if they do not agree with it. In this week’s discussions, you will practice that critical thinking skill.

Pick a Plaintiff and Medical Defendant from the case story. Using IRAC and the elements of Negligence or Wrongful Death, outline the Plaintiff’s case against that Medical Defendant. Use the elements as defined in this week’s lecture. Clearly identify who is the Plaintiff AND who is the Medical Defendant.

Note that each element of the case must have a fact proving it. You may refer back to the hand-washing example in the lectures.

Initial posts should be three to four full, substantive paragraphs in length.

Please submit your initial post by Tuesday at 11:59 pm and all follow-up posts by Sunday at 11:59 pm. The discussions grading rubric is used for this assignment.