Solved>>Week 3: Discussion 1 – HIPAA Complaint

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Week 3: Discussion 1 – HIPAA Complaint (relative to the Privacy Rule) or Newsletter (relative to the Security Rule)

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Choose one of the two following topics for your initial post.

1. Go to the following link addressing How to File a HIPAA Complaint: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Create a hypothetical HIPAA complaint addressed to the HHS Office of Civil Rights. Content requirements are addressed in the link. Include a description of the specific behavior that violated the patient’s privacy. This paper must be typed and professionally written, not a filled in form. Add a reference list.


2. Go to the link below. Go to enforcement. Research a HIPAA topic that interests you. Your topic must address the legal aspects of the HIPAA security rule.  Find at least three sources. Assume that you were assigned the task of writing an article for your company or organization newsletter relative to the HIPAA security rule. Explain the issue to all of the other employees in understandable terms. Use approximately four paragraphs. Add a reference list.

Link Links to an external site.

NOTE: At least one of your two substantive response posts must address the topic not chosen for your initial post.

Initial posts should be three to four full, substantive paragraphs in length.

Please submit your initial post by Tuesday at 11:59 pm and all follow-up posts by Sunday at 11:59 pm. The discussions grading rubric is used for this assignment.