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Whenever it is practical, on-job training should occur

in a specially designated training room.

in the actual work station where the task will be performed.

prior to employee orientation.

in a group setting.

When obtaining feedback from trainees regarding their views of a specific training program, it is best that the feedback be

obtained from all future program trainees.

Correct Answer

given anonymously and by unidentified trainees.

provided to trainees as a checklist of likes and dislikes.

Incorrect Response

obtained from trainees in interviews utilizing close-ended questions.

Asking open-ended questions directly to an individual trainee is a good way to encourage participation from those trainees who are





A training evaluation tool that is valid

Incorrect Response

yields consistent measurement results.

is designed to minimize the time supervisors devote to training.

Correct Answer

measures what it is supposed to measure.

is designed to minimize the number employees who must be trained.

In their role as coach, trainers should make sure to

Incorrect Response

ensure trainees have sufficient time to learn.

Correct Answer

check trainees’ actual job performance regularly after training is completed.

step in and do the job when trainee performance is substandard.

develop a training schedule.