SOLVED: CIS355A Week 5 Practice Program – Pizza File/IO

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Class in this week’s practice program, we are “stepping up our game” a bit and we are going to begin seeing a more complex, but more “real world” object oriented program structure, using a 3-tiered (business, presentation, data layer). The good news is that for the Pizza Practice program you are not going to start from scratch, and everything you are being asked to do in this program is demonstrated in the example Circle program.
If you have any questions or need any help post a question in the Programming/Practice Help discussion in the Introductions and resource module.
Start by downloading the attached “” program, unzip the program and open it up into Netbeans. The shell project will compile and execute, and even read a stream file and populate the list with data from a string file.

You are then asked to complete the following TODO action items:
Review the FileStream Class and:
1. in the readlist method add the statements to add a string to the array list
2. in the writeData method add the statement to write the string to the file
Review the PizzaFileIO class and:
1. In the writeData method add code to add the missing order fields to the record
2. In the readData method add code to add the missing fields to the order object
Review the OrderList class
1. In the remove method add statements to remove the order from the list
2. In the save method add the statement to write the array list to the file.
Graphical User Interface
Update the given graphical user interface to:
1. Save the list in the Order list to a file using both types of file I/O (streams and objects).
2. Retrieve the list from the file and display the list
3. Add a menu items Save Orders and Retrieve Orders
4. Update retrieveOrders method to retrieve the list from the orderList object.
See the following for a demonstration of the working program.

Just a Hint
The amount of code you actually have to write in this execises is no more than 20 lines of code and each TODO can be accomplished with a single line of code.