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Annotated Bibliography


Find at least five reliable sources for your research paper. These sources should come from peer-reviewed scholarly journals, respected periodicals, published books, and/or reputable websites. I recommend only one website for every four articles. You may also conduct interviews and research first-hand. Create the MLA citation for each source, alphabetize the sources, and briefly discuss each source and its importance to your research. See the annotated bibliography from Good Student for help.

This assignment is helpful for you because it allows me to see your sources and whether they are reputable. Plus, when the paper is done, you can delete the annotations and copy the citations to the works cited page at the end of your paper. This assignment also will help you as you continue to learn MLA style.






Format                                     30


hanging indent


titled correctly

document set up for MLA


Proper sources                         30




at least five are present


Citations                                  30

correctly cited


Annotations                            10

enough information

grammatically correct



Below is an excerpt of a sample bibliography. You should have at least five sources.



Annotated Bibliography

Buranen, Lise. “A Safe Place: The Role of Librarians and Writing Centers in Addressing

Citation Practices and Plagiarism.” Knowledge Quest, vol. 37, no. 3, 2009, pp. 24-33,

ProQuest Central, doi: 10.2307/25472151. Buranen argues that plagiarism is often a result

of poor understanding of citation and points out that many instructors do not show

carefully where they get all of their information in lecture and presentation, so instructors

need to be better models for students. She discusses patchwriting and other errors as

stepping stones toward proper quoting and paraphrasing and encourages instructors to

rethink unintential plagiarism and classroom teaching practices.

Robillard, Amy. “’Young Scholars” Affecting Composition: A Challenge to Disciplinary

Citation Practices.” College English, vol. 68, no. 3, 2006, pp. 253-270. In this article, Robillard discusses the effect of an undergraduate peer-reviewed journal on citation practice and the change in students’ attitudes about writing – taking writing from verb to noun, as she puts it.