[SOLVED] 5000.TX Summative Quiz All correct answers available

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What does the acronym SOE represent?

Things not to put on a resume is found in which section?

Once you are hired all instructional courses (5000-5600) must be completed within four months of the start of your residency.


How many attempts on a TExES content exam in the area identified for enrollment may an iteachTEXAS candidate have?

You will need to contact your instructor for reset of an assignment or a quiz if you are unsuccessful after four attempts.


By state rule each candidate must complete how many hours of instruction prior to participating in a field experience?


After program admission you can test in any content area up to five times.


What does the acronym TEA stand for?

Once you are hired, how long do you have to complete your instructional courses?

All assignments are graded on a 3 point scale of 1 – Unacceptable, 2 – Acceptable, and 3- Target.


After admission, you must test in the content area identified for enrollment at the time of admission.


The following is the provider of state certification tests:

On your resume, you should not include which of the following items?

You must make corrections and resubmit any assignment:

Content area refers to:

How do you enroll in your next instructional course?

Which of the following might be keeping your from enrolling in your next course?

Which courses must be completed prior to accessing the Statement of Eligibility form?

How are assignments submitted to your instructor?

When is a candidate allowed to move to the next instructional course?

A question about content area certification testing should be sent via email to which of the following accounts?

What should be included when sending an email or message to your instructor?

Once you begin your field experience, when should all program requirements be completed?

How often should you log into your email account on file with iteach, Canvas, and the iteachTX instructNET homepage?

During your Field Experience, how many times will your field supervisor meet with and observe you?

A school district may hire individuals who have not yet passed a test.


You are eligible to increase your marketability by taking additional content tests in content areas outside of your area identified for enrollment, with one test opportunity per content area.


When you are hired, you should submit your SOE to the hiring principal.


In the event you do not hear from your Field Supervisor within one week of the start of school or from the time you are hired, contact the iteachTEXAS office.


If you must retake a quiz or assignment, when will the computer generated reset be available?

The candidate must make copies of his/her Statement of Eligibility form to provide to the school districts as s/he applies and interviews.


If you have been hired to teach full time in the classroom, you are said to be the Teacher of Record.


Work at the lowest level of the grading scale is said to be:

When preparing for an interview, you should do which of the following?

Course work, comments, and emails are professional communication and should be written using rules of good grammar.


The Internship/residency (when you are hired as the Teacher of Record) is completed over two semesters.


What must be accomplished prior to applying for your Standard Certificate?

By state rule each candidate must accomplish how many hours of field-based observation prior to participating in a field experience?


What forms are available in this course?

All teachers in Texas must be knowledgeable of and acknowledge the Code of Ethics.


If you elect the internship option, your program balance must be paid in full by the end of your two-semester placement.


A candidate must take the TExES content test prior to program admission.


The Clinical Teaching Practicum option to fulfill the state Field Experience requirement is completed over a 14-week period.


If you are doing your field experience as a student teacher (Clinical Teacher), you must have ALL PROGRAM FEES paid by the end of the 14-week clinical placement.


You should only expect and read instructor feedback if you did not earn a passing score on an assignment.


You will have only one opportunity per submission attempt to review your incorrect quiz answers.


Since the information on this quiz is critical to your program success, this is the only quiz that requires 100 percent mastery (50 points). If you do not score 50, you should review your missed questions before re-taking the quiz.

What must be completed before receiving one-time test approval outside your content area identified for enrollment?

What do you click to find the coursework material for each course?


You must email the iteach office to update your email address on file with iteachTEXAS.