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Required ResourcesRead from your text, Differentiated Parent Support: Engaging Parents in Unique Ways to Increase Their Involvement in School:Chapter Three ? The Parent TrapChapter Four ? What is Parent Involvement?Jeynes, W. (2011).The School Community Journal, 21(1), 9-18. Retrieved from http://www.adi.org/journal/resources/2011ss_SCJ.pdfThis resource examines research on current collaboration efforts in schools today. The focus of this recent issue of The School Community Journal is on parent engagement in education. The issue includes a guest editorial by William Jeynes, who writes about the status of research on family involvement, as well other articles that examine patterns of family involvement in charter schools and programs for parents of special needs students.?Project Appleseed. (n.d.).?Parent Involvement Checklist. Retrieved from http://www.projectappleseed.org/chklst.htmlThis website provides a parent involvement checklist.Recommended ResourceFerlazzo, L. (2011). Involvement or Engagement?Educational Leadership, 68(8), 10-14. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.The article describes teacher attitudes toward the parents of their students. The author describes his experiences as a teacher working with parents and the importance of teachers establishing cooperative relationships based on listening and shared decision-making.DiscussionsParent Roles?In Chapter Three Hjalmarson points to assumptions we make about students and the role their parents play in the educational enterprise.? What are some of these assumptions?? What assumptions do you have about students in a school you work at or a K-12 school you have attended? Indicate how some of these assumptions that educators make can unwittingly become self-fulfilling prophecies.?Counseling Roles??List and explain the factors that play an important role if and how counselors become involved in school, school-community, and overall partnerships. Research indicates certain misperceptions counselors have about their role- why may this be?JournalChecklistView the?Parent Involvement Checklist.? Develop a 10-point checklist of what works for parent involvement.Carefully review the?Grading Rubric?for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your journal entries.?AssignmentLoving Support EssayIt is a truism that a loving, supportive home environment pays dividends in a child?s development. The same is likely true in a school setting; students who believe that their teachers and the school care about them will likely have a closer connection to the school and have more positive feelings about the school.In a two- to five-page paper (not including the title and reference pages) use the?Jeynes article?(specifically pages 9-18) as well as three additional scholarly sources (not including your textbook), cited and referenced in APA style, to describe the idea of a loving, supportive school environment through addressing the following:?Describe a loving, supportive school environment from the point of view of both student and teacher.?Describe the parental role in helping to create a loving, supportive school environment.Describe the benefits of this environment to the student?s academic, physical, and social development.?Carefully review the?Grading Rubric?for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment. English homework help WEEK 2 – FULL