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At what age are employees first protected from unfair disciplinary actions under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act?





When may an employee covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act be terminated despite his or her disability?

When management does not consider the employee to be disabled

When the employee’s disability was not disclosed at the time of hiring

When the employee engages in an illegal activity at work

When the employer requests an accommodation

Employees in an operation can be considered as

external customers.

Correct Answer

internal customers.

peripheral customers.

Incorrect Response

transient customers.

Exit interviews most typically are utilized by HR managers when an employee

Incorrect Response

is promoted.

is suspended.

is terminated.

Correct Answer

voluntarily resigns.

An operation utilizing an upward assessment program allows

managers to evaluate those reporting to them.

its customers to evaluate the quality of employees and managers with whom the customer interacts.

the owners of the operation to evaluate the managers they employ.

workers to evaluate their supervisors.