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Essay services-IT, Webanalyze team dynamics, discussing the roles

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Please all below 5 points while writing the assignment.
1. analyze team dynamics, discussing the roles people play in a team and how they can work together to achieve shared goals
2. discuss alternative ways to complete tasks and achieve team goals
3. review tools and methods for developing solutions to problems
4. develop an appropriate strategy for resolving a particular problem
5. Evaluate the potential impact on the business of implementing the strategy.


Cooper Software is an enterprise level company which is following a hierarchy in order to manage its workflow/teams/people.

As a new employee of Cooper Software, you will work for the Operations Team which consists of 20 other members. Your role in the team will be of an assistant and you will report to your Team Leader. You need to understand the company hierarchy in order to understand the dynamics of working with others and be able to develop strategies for problem solving.
Task 1

As a new member, you need to understand and analyse the following:

The nature and dynamics of the team
The informal and formal settings of the team
Purpose of the team
Problem solving
Team player

Upon analysing the above, discuss alternative ways using effective judgments and self-evaluations, on the following team goals:

Selecting team members considering their specialties and skill set
Identification of group roles
Stages in team development, example identity, loyalty and team health evaluation
Action planning
Monitoring and feedback
Coaching Skills
Effective leadership skills such as motivation and setting standards

Task 2

As a member of the Operations teams

The HR of the company seeks advice from your team regarding the problems faced by you on completion of your first 3 months working in the company.

As an independent team player, demonstrate the problems identified by you and develop a suitable strategy to overcome the listed issues:
Specify, analyse and clarify the problems faced using the review tools and develop a range of methods of solutions and appropriate strategies while identifying and assessing the possible outcomes for resolving the problems as per the company policies.
Develop the implementation plan for the sources of information, solution methodologies and mention the best corrective actions developing timescale for each and every operation in the company.
Evaluate the potential impact of the desired outcomes by ensuring whether the problem was solved or not and implement the strategy and sustainability techniques by methods of presentation using technical language.

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