[Answered] PSY 241 LN1 – Developmental Psychology First Discussion

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About 1 in 150 children have Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD); that estimate is much higher than estimates from the early 1990’s and is expected to continue to increase. More and more parents are becoming concerned with vaccination safety as well as a possible link to the growing numbers of autism. As a result, I believe this is a current topic relevant to course study in developmental psychology. Please open this folder and follow the directions provided.

1.)Your initial post should include at least three aspects learned from any of the articles and then include your reaction to the articles. I encourage you to think critically; information contained in the article may not be in conjunction with your personal experience, but that does not mean the information is not accurate. Give yourself a chance to look at something differently! Take a risk!


2.) Your reaction should also include one concept learned in the course and apply to the article (s) you read. Examples may include parenting cultures in the US, socialization of children in the US, nutrition in infancy and toddlerhood, concepts related to brain development, etc.

3.) To do well on this discussion board, you must access early in the grading period, access on more than one occasion, and make a quality response to at least two other students in the course. A simple “I agree” does not constitute a quality response. For a top score, you should go above and beyond what is simply required. For example, citing other educational resources within your post or participating more extensively will be noted.

4.) I have provided a quick link to the discussion board located underneath the last article link or you can go to the communications button and click on discussion boards.


  1. ) No discussions posted after the due date will be graded.

6.) This discussion board will be worth 50 points.