Air France: SEO Assignment Inbound Marketing Assignment

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Air France: SEO Assignment

Inbound Marketing Assignment

Focused on SEO


In order to complete this assignment, each student should first complete the readings assigned in “Module #04: Web Metrics”. In this project, the student is exposed to an Air France Business Case that discusses the company’s online marketing situation at the time of the case study.


Furthermore, while reading the business case, each student will learn not only about Air France but also about the industry marketplace. Once finished, it is your job to conduct a data analysis on Air France’s previous campaign data to make specific and detailed recommendations for their online non-organic SEO efforts going forward.



– Read the business case study in full before beginning any data analysis.

– Open the Air France excel data set provided in the assignment and understand the information given per column.

– Create pivot tables that help you analyze Air France’s online marketing situation.

– Take the pivot table(s) you have created in Excel and use them to answer the 4 questions at the end of the case study on page 12 of the document.

– Each answer should be substantial and rely on the data analysis you conducted in Excel.



– Air France Internet Marketing.pdfPreview the document

– Air France. Data Set.xlsPreview the document



– Leave your pivot tables in their “calculated” form. Do not transfer them to a value-only

format copied from the sheet where you created the pivot table.

– Separate and number your answers to each of the 4 questions.

– Support your answers with outside research whenever relevant. If you are making a claim

about a best practice that Air France should follow that isn’t common knowledge, I expect

you to provide an outside source that supports that claim. Cite your articles at the end of

your document.



  1. A Word document containing the responses to the questions in the case study.
  2. Word Document requirements:

– 2-3 Pages

– Justify text

– Line spacing: 1.5

– Font Size: 12

– Doc Title: “Last Name, Name. Panther ID”. Example: “Mosquera, Gustavo. 1234567”


  1. An Excel document containing your pivot table analysis of the Air France data. Please note that there is not a limit of Pivot Tables. However, all of the pivot tables submitted should be labeled and relevant to your analysis.


Additional Guidance

   – Pivot Tables

If you have not used pivot tables in excel before, look at the document included in Module #01 titled Chapter 1. Data Smart. Everything you needed to know about spreadsheets but were too afraid too ask.

– Look in the appendices of the case study for an example as to how you can use pivot tables to look at the data.

– When using your data analysis to support your answer to the question, don’t say something like “if we look in the pivot table we can see [number of bookings] which can tell us which places to increase spending.” Pick out specific data and tell me why that specific piece of data is important, for example: “[x campaign] had a great [some KPI] by having [that campaign’s data]. This creates an opportunity for increased spending.” Tell me specifically about the data, not only its definition.


   – Others

– When selecting KPI’s, choose 2-3 KPI’s and explain why they are important to Air France. For example: If you want to analyze the ROI of the online marketing efforts, what KPI’s best help you analyze the cost, revenue, and profitability of the campaigns.

– Focus your answers on Air France and their metrics, not just general online marketing strategies.

– Overall, I am not looking for a single, “correct” answer, but I expect that your answers to the questions are supported by best practices and a proper analysis of the data.