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This is part of CMIT 130 Case-Project assignment. Case Project 5-1: Using Existing DevicesPlains Research Institute should reuse the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Servers and the WindowsServer and leave behind the remaining old equipment. The existing servers will be able to support their needs in the new Ethernet network.Case Project 5-2: Connecting Workstations to the NetworkThe organization should use a Network Interface Card (NIC) card for the workstations. The NIC card will have an Ethernet adapter for connecting the computer to the wired network. The NIC will provide a faster, more reliable and more secure connection than a wireless network card.They should also use Intelligent Hubs. Converting to managed hubs will make a big differenceby allowing them to control the traffic and who has access to the network.Case Project 5-3: Internet and WAN ConnectivityConnection TypeBandwidthISDN64 Kbps to 128 KpbsDSL1.5 MbpsCable Modem512 Kbps- 5Mpbs.

Case Project 3-1: Choosing a Network ProtocolWhat Protocol do you recommend for this network, and what are its advantages?For a medium sized company such as Nishida Kitchens the best protocol for their company would be the Internet Protocol.This isdue to the ease of troubleshooting this Protocol allows and the ability to scale as the company grows.The Internet Protocol is the standardprotocol for the World Wide Web and allows your work stations to communicate quickly.The Internet Protocol also works with all your current machines (Windows 7 workstations, enterprise servers, and the Red HatEnterprise systems).This will keep the company’s cost low while allowing all systems tow work together for what they want to accomplish.

Case Project 3-2: IPv6 Advantages

Nishida Kitchens wants to explore the value of converting to IPv6 over the next two years.Prepare a report or slide presentation that outlines the advantage of IPv6.There are many advantages to using the IPv6 format.The chief of which for this company is the added benefit of its security. Some of the main features of the IPv6 format include the “Use of IP security (IPsec) that is required to enhance network security, simpler automatic.


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