CIS355A Week 1 Lab Developing an OOP Console Application


  • Create a class in java with appropriate methods.
  • Process user input with the class using the scanner for keyboard input and console output.

PROBLEM: Health Profile Console Program
GymsRUs has a need to provide fitness/health information to their clients, including BMI and maximum heart rate. Your task is to write a console program to do this.

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on a person’s height and weight. BMI can be used to indicate if you are overweight, obese, underweight, or normal.The formula to calculate BMI is

The following BMI categories are based on this calculation.

Category BMI Range
Underweight less than 18.5
Normal between 18.5 and 24.9
Overweight between 25 and 29.9
Obese 30 or more

Max heart rate is calculated as 200 minus a person’s age.

Design and code a class called HealthProfile to store information about clients and their fitness data. The attributes (name, age, weight, and height) are private instance variables. The class must include the following methods.

method description
setName Receives a value to assign to private instance variable
setAge Receives a value to assign to private instance variable
setWeight Receives a value to assign to private instance variable
setHeight Receives TWO inputs (height in feet, inches). Converts and stores the total INCHES in private instance variable
getName Returns private instance variable
getAge Returns private instance variable
getWeight Returns private instance variable
getHeight Returns private instance variable (inches)
getBMI Calculates and returns BMI
getCategory Returns category based on BMI
getMaxHR Calculates and returns maximum heart rate

Create a SEPARATE TEST CLASS, Lab1Main, to prompt for user input and display output using the HealthProfile class. Process multiple inputs using a loop.You can assume all user input is valid.


Enter name or X to quit: John Smith
Your age: 35
Your weight: 200
Your height – feet: 6
Your height – inches: 0

Health Profile for John Smith
BMI: 27.1
BMI Category: overweight
Max heart rate: 185

Enter name or X to quit: Ann Jones
Your age: 50
Your weight: 120
Your height – feet: 5
Your height – inches: 2

Health Profile for Ann Jones
BMI: 21.9
BMI Category: normal
Max heart rate: 170

Enter name or X to quit: X


  • Include meaningful comments throughout your code.
  • Use meaningful names for variables.
  • Code must be properly indented.
  • Include a comment header at beginning of each file, example below.

Program Name:
Programmer’s Name: Student Name
Program Description: Describe here what this program will do

Submit as a SINGLE zip folder

  • All java files
  • Lab report

Follow assignment specification regarding class/method names.
Note that your java filename must match class name (DO NOT rename).

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