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Education homework help-Education Homework Help?

For each question, give at least three pieces of information being sure to reference your sources. 1.  What are cooperative learning structures? 2.  What does research say about cooperative learning? 3.  What are the goals and the benefits for teaching students cooperative learning structures? Fill in the chart below with three structures for each area you think could be used in your future classroom.  With the name of each structure, give brief directions on how to do that structure.  You will have nine different cooperative learning structures.  Be sure to reference the source as to where you found the…


business assignment help-Implement Effective Material Requirements Planning Activities?

Instructions As a consultant working in the area of business analysis, you are expected to make recommendations to clients regarding the optimization of business operations, including production, material control, quality, and delivery.  In order to convey a sense of professionalism, self-efficacy, and value to the client, you have decided to create a detailed report that outlines the key components of MRP to recommend or caution against the installation of an MRP system. Since your services are rewarded primarily by the effective launch of MRP within the client’s organization, you want to define certain business characteristics that are likely to…


Instant homework help-Information Systems Homework Help?

Information Systems Homework Help Information security Legal Issues Intellectual property law is a major issue facing organizations, and many organizations have been fined significant amounts for violations of intellectual property law. As an information security manager in an IT consulting company, your executive management team is concerned about the potential intellectual property violations in the organization. To address these concerns, they have asked you to develop an intellectual property policy to implement within the organization. Develop a two to four (2-4) page policy in which you: Provide an overview of intellectual property law. Describe who the policy applies to….